The 52-year-old Thai rocker who wanted to marry me

Koh Chang – Lonely Beach

My goal in Koh Chang, Thailand, was to learn to relax. No tours, no sightseeing, just me and my thoughts. I needed to be able to spend a minimum of three days sitting on the beach just “being”. This was as difficult as I expected it to be; by the third day I felt pangs […]

well, this is awkward

Sometimes Traveling Sucks. Like, A Lot.

There comes a time in everyone’s life/week/day that each of us experiences a moment of weakness and self doubt. Those of you who enjoy alcohol like I do may know it as “drinker’s remorse” or the “hate-me’s”; that point on your hungover Sunday when you wonder what you’re doing with your life, promise yourself to […]

monsoon incoming

Khao Lak – A Tsunami Ghost Town

When presented with two options, I historically choose the less popular choice of the given time. snowboarding vs. skiing (back in the 90′s), android v. iphone, quitting my job vs. waiting to get laid off with severance… the list goes on. Sometimes my decisions are poor, other times they demonstrate an apparent high level of […]

Railay Beach from Railay Viewpoint. The Lagoon would be to the left, off the screen. Our hotel was in the upper right corner, past the mangroves.

The Hidden Lagoon at Railay Beach

Sometimes it’s not about the destination, but the journey itself. If you’re like me and the idea of clinging to a cliff, uninsured, held up by nothing but a carabiner and some dodgy stale rope in the middle of a foreign country where you’re traveling alone doesn’t sound fun, there’s not a whole hell of […]

Limestone Cliffs at The Holy Princess Cave aka Diamond Cave in Phra Nang, Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

The Drowned Princess at Railay Beach

Fishermen journey to Phra Nang Cave in search of good favor with the spirit of a drowned Indian princess. It seems only fitting that their traditional offering in a place where cliffs tower over you in a seemingly overcompensating way should be an abnormally large wooden phallus. From the the looks of the shrine, adorned […]

Low tide at Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand

Rapid Fire Kinship in Krabi

When traveling alone in Southern Thailand, the value of new friendship takes on an urgent clarity; human connection becomes a basic need of survival. The morning we left Koh Phi Phi was wet, as monsoons pummeled the thin coast with blankets of seasonal rain. It was also one of those mornings you’re so hungover that […]


Maya Bay – The Beach From The Beach

My name is Richard. So what else do you need to know? Stuff about my family, or where I’m from? None of that matters. Not once you cross the ocean and cut yourself loose, looking for something more beautiful, something more exciting and yes, I admit, something more dangerous. So after eighteen hours in the […]

Phi Phi viewpoint overlooking Ton Sai

A Series of Death Defying Experiences: Koh Phi Phi II

Koh Phi Phi was nothing more than a dubious mirage of peace and tranquility. Never have I been more convinced that my time had come, and that I should have invested in some traveler’s insurance. Stumbling out onto the beach in Ton Sai in the morning, I could hardly believe it was a vision of […]